Google is negotiating to enhance the presence of its products on Samsung phones

 Bloomberg News has learned that American technology company Google is negotiating with South Korean electronics company Samsung Electronics to conclude a major agreement that allows Google's applications and products to have a stronger presence on smartphones produced by Samsung.

Bloomberg indicated that it had seen correspondence related to the negotiations and indicated that the talks included giving Google more control over the search work on Samsung devices in the world. Samsung is the largest producer of smartphones in the world, with sales reaching nearly 300 million devices last year.

Bloomberg quoted one of the informed sources as saying that while the Galaxy phones produced by Samsung use the Android operating system developed by Google, the expected agreement will also ensure the presence of the digital assistant application and the electronic store Play Store on these devices.

This agreement will allow the American Internet giant the daily access to the users of Samsung devices more, and it will also mean that the services of the South Korean company’s mobile devices such as the Bixby digital assistant will be less related to its devices.

According to Bloomberg, this agreement will be a surrender on the part of Samsung, but its sales decline during the current year due to the pandemic of the new Corona virus has made it in need of increasing its revenues and weakening its negotiating position with Google.


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