Google blocks ads from sites promoting "conspiracy theories" on Corona

The giant American company, Google, the owner of the largest search site on the Internet, announced that it will prevent publishers and advertisers who use its platform from displaying ads on "dangerous content" that contradict the scientific consensus On the outbreak of the Corona virus, including conspiracy theories on the origins of the virus.

The content, which will not be allowed to profit via Google, includes conspiracy theories such as allegations that the virus is a hoax, or that it was created as a biological weapon or that billionaire Bill Gates stands behind him.

Google already prohibits advertising or publication content that presents harmful allegations about disease prevention and treatment of "miracle", or encourages the anti-vaccination movement or refrain from treatment.

A spokesperson for the company said in a statement: "Since the beginning of the outbreak of the Corona virus, we have been working hard to ensure that users are protected from advertisements and fraudulent, dangerous and harmful content." He added, adding that the company deleted more than 200 million ads that resorted to methods such as price manipulation and taking advantage of the lack of medical supplies.

Technology giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are under pressure to tackle misinformation about the virus and to adopt policies to counter such content on their sites.

The move by "Google" comes at a time when the United States is experiencing record cases of the virus.


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