Al-Asir Club: The occupation forces arrest 10 citizens from the West Bank, including two brothers

The occupation forces arrested ten citizens of the West Bank, including two brothers, last night and early Tuesday.

The captive club said that five citizens were arrested from Aida camp and the town of Nahalin in Bethlehem: Shadi Mwafak Badawona (35 years old), Ahmed Mohiuddin Fannoun, Khaldoun Mahmoud Fannoun, Hassan Muhammad Najjar and his brother Abed.

The occupation was arrested from the towns of Dhahria and Beit Kahel in Hebron, Muath Muhammad Al-Qaysiya (32 years), and Uday Hassan Al-Khatib (22 years), according to Al-Asir Club.

Meanwhile, two citizens from Jenin were arrested: Mahmoud Mustafa Mardawi from the town of Arabeh, a former prisoner, in addition to Hamza Muhammad Fayed (20 years), who was kidnapped by a special force from the occupation army last night while he was in a park.

Added to the detainees is a citizen from the town of Beit Duqqu, Muhammad Ali Hamdan (20 years old).


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