God care saves a child from death in Thailand

Thailand _ agencies

A newborn child fell from a window from the 5th floor of the Samut Prcan Prefecture in Thailand.

Quoting the Daily Mail, Russia reported that the child survived an investigator's death, after which the locals heard the voice of a crying child coming from a banana farm behind a residential building, and when they climbed up the farm fence, they discovered a newborn girl, still hanging with her secret.

The child was "lying" on the ground and surrounded by the broken banana leaves, which she saved from inevitable death, and the child only had small scratches and some mosquito bites.

The police accused the child's mother of throwing her out of the window. The neighbors confirmed that a young woman with pregnancy, lived on the fifth floor in the room overlooking the banana farm.

Police officers are still looking for a mother who could be accused of trying to kill the girl child.

The newborn was taken to hospital, where her life was found to be fine after her medical examination.


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