The occupation confiscates 160 dunums of Qalqilya lands and Habla to expand a settlement road

The occupation army distributed more than 166 notices to landowners and farmers in the southern city of Qalqilya, and to farmers from the neighboring town of Habla, with the aim of confiscating an area of ​​160 dunums of their land, to expand the bypass settlement number 55.

"The landowners were surprised by the number of notifications exceeding 166, with the aim of expanding the bypass road known as the number 55," said Muhammad Abu Al-Sheikh, official of the settlement file in Qalqilya Governorate.

He added: "The notices were distributed through the mail, after they were sent to the Central Post in Ramallah, and the notifications included placing hand on citizens' lands for military and security purposes," explaining that the expansion process will start from the fuel station area in the "Alfei Menashe" settlement until the roundabout of the village of Nabi Elias East Qalqilya, and the expansion of the street will exceed 40 meters in both directions.

He pointed out that the occupation authorities "are trying to Judaize the lands surrounding the bypass road under the pretext of expansion to serve the settlements, and to facilitate the movement of settlers to and from Israeli cities at the expense of the Palestinian lands, although there are legal cases in the courts by the nursery owners in the section that corresponds to their nurseries behind the wall."

He appealed to farmers and owners of lands threatened with expropriation to intervene in order to stop the continuation of the occupation in its plan to confiscate most of the lands surrounding the bypass road, and cut the road to their ability to reach their lands.


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