Russian Health approves the first drug against the Corona virus in the country

The Russian Ministry of Health approved the first anti-Coronavirus in Russia, where it issued an official permit allowing the use of the drug "Avivavir" to treat people with the disease.

The State Register of Drugs website in Russia stated that the Ministry of Health has approved the use of the drug "Avavavir", which also has the name "faviviravir".

According to the Russia Today site, Avivavir is produced as part of a joint venture of the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Khimar group to manufacture drugs, based on the "faviravir", which was started in Japan in 2014 to treat difficult flu cases.

Avivavir's clinical tests showed it was safe to treat the Corona virus without detecting any new side effects not previously reported.

The effectiveness of this drug has reached more than 80%, thus showing better results compared to other drugs that have been tested in Russia and abroad.

Russia recorded more than 400 thousand cases of corona virus, more than 170 thousand recovered from it, as well as 4,693 deaths.

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