Russian woman "buried" on iphone phone

Moscow _ Agencies

Visitors to a cemetery in the southern Russian city of Ufa are surprised to see a unique tomb in the form of a famous smartphone: Yvonne, something that has irritated some.

The British Daily Mail, Wednesday, reported that the length of the witness was 1.5 meters, made of black basalt, with the image of the tomb, Rita Chameva, who had been deported for 25 years in 2016.

The witness began a magnifying copy of Yvonne, which contained all the details on the famous phone, to the extent that the rapid response code was carved into the headstone.

According to Russian news reports, the father of the Russian girl is the one who built the witness in the form of her favourite iphone, after a period of time for her departure.

An tombstones manufacturer in the city, Egham Gallin, stated that he had discovered it only last week, when he came to the cemetery.

He said that he and his father did a lot of evidence, but  "Watch Yvonne " is the first of its kind I watch in my life  ".

Little is known about Rita, like she was very fond of traveling, and has friends in Germany.

According to  "Daily Mail ", it is believed that a company specializing in  "Death supplements " is the one who made the witness.

It appears that "watch the iphone" did not like many, as a local Russian newspaper quoted a visitor of the cemetery as saying:  "Have we started to make evidence in order to attract attention. At first I thought I was in a state of hallucinations when I saw it. How a smart American phone can appear in our graves. "


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