The occupation forces arrested 6 citizens, including released prisoners and students, in Birzeit

Israeli occupation forces arrested six palestinians from different parts of the West Bank early Wednesday, including freed prisoners and students from Birzeit University.

According to local sources, the occupying forces stormed The Sudan Monastery in Ramallah district and arrested Birzeit University student Mohammed Majid Hassan, the brother of the prisoner, a student at the same university, Shatha Majid Hassan, who is in Al-Damoun prison in administrative detention.

From the town of Deir Jarir, east of Ramallah, the forces arrested Abdul Rahman Alawi, coordinator of the Islamic bloc and secretary of the preparatory committee, as well as abdul Rahman Misbah.

The forces also raided the Jalazone camp north of Ramallah and arrested the freed prisoner Zia al-Shani.

In Hebron, forces arrested the freed prisoner Rafat Nimr al-Salama from the town of Beit Awa, south of the city, and Marzouk Khashima from Jerusalem.

The Israeli occupation forces also stormed the house of the freed prisoner Jihad Imad Na'alawa from the suburb of Shoika, north of Tulkarem, in order to arrest him, and did not find him and left him a communication to review the intelligence until 10 a.m., and the house of detainee Ibrahim Abu Radaha was stormed in the town of Bitunia, west of Ramallah.

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