The presidency warns of Israel´s annexation policy: the Palestinian response will be decisive and strong

The Presidency condemned the provocative decision issued by the Judicial Adviser to the Israeli government confiscating lands in the Ibrahimi Mosque belonging to the Islamic Waqf, which is an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories, in order to Judaize it in favor of settlement projects.

In a statement carried by Wafa News Agency, the Presidency considered that decision a blatant act of aggression, and part of the annexation policy, which is the beginning of implementing a policy that will lead to an uncontrollable situation.

The Presidency also stressed that this act contrary to international law is rejected and condemned, stressing that there will be important Palestinian decisions and procedures in the event of any annexation of any part of the territory of the State of Palestine.

The Presidency warned the Israeli government against implementing the annexation policy, whether in the Jordan Valley or any other areas, because such decisions will lead to catastrophic results that will drag the region to the edge of the abyss.

She pointed out that "we have already warned Israel against implementing the annexation and settlement policy, which will undermine everything and end the entire political process, and Mr. President has sent clear messages to members of the Security Council, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and members of the International Quartet, informing them of the seriousness of such The decisions, if implemented, and that the Palestinian response will be a decisive and strong response, with serious implications for the entire region. "


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