Big Brazilian drug dealer arrested in Mozambique

 One of the largest drug dealers in Brazil has been arrested in Mozambique, according to what the Brazilian authorities have accused of sending "tons of drugs to several countries."

Brazilian federal police said in a statement that Gilberto Aparasido dos Santos, nicknamed "Fuminio", is a prominent member of the "First Capital Command" (BCC), the largest organized crime gang in Brazil, "who escaped from justice for more than twenty years."

"He was considered the largest supplier of cocaine in a criminal gang located throughout Brazil and was responsible for sending tons of drugs to several countries."

The drug dealer was arrested as part of a joint operation by the Brazilian and Mozambican police, in addition to the Brazilian State, the US Department of Justice and the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

The "First Command of the Capital" gang is an influential criminal organization founded in the 1990s in São Paulo prisons (southeast of the country).

In recent years, this gang has expanded its influence in many Brazilian states, especially the northern Amazon regions, to control the route of cocaine manufactured in neighboring countries such as Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

The federal police said that de Santos "was financing the escape plan" of the gang leader Marcus and Lien Herbas Camacho, nicknamed "Marcola", who is in a high security prison near Brasilia, where he is serving accumulated penalties of more than 200 years.


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