Israeli forces arrest 15 West Bank Citizens

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation army arrested 15 Palestinians from various parts of the West Bank at dawn on Wednesday, including a writer from Hebron.

Last night, the raid included Qalandiya camp, Al-Mughayir, Bitunias and Rantes west of Ramallah, and Tal west of Nablus. The west of Hebron, in which the occupation claimed to have found a weapon of type "pistol", was authorized.

Local sources said that the occupation arrested the writer Israa Lafi Khader from the town of Tsurif north of Hebron, and the two youths Mustafa Baddir and Rami Badran from Tulkarm, as well as Mohamed Nabil El Adl, Ismail Jibril and Ahmed Kamel Beida from Qalqilya.

In the Ramallah district, the sources said that Mohammed Haitham al-Khatib had been arrested from Qalandiya refugee camp, Mu'tasim Jawad Abu Alia, and Mohamed Abapo Alia from al-Mughayir village east of Ramallah.

Israeli occupation soldiers also arrested Mohammad Nasser Hassan from the town of Zabbu Dis, east of occupied Jerusalem.

Last night, the Israeli army announced that a military patrol had been thrown into a homemade bomb during raids and searches in Jalazone camp, north of Ramallah, without causing any injuries. According to the occupation army, a speeding car threw the bomb out of the area.


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