Isaac and Shaimaa: a wedding in the shadow of Corona

The wedding of freed prisoner Yitzhak Musleh (41 years old) took place in Bethlehem today, Friday, in an atmosphere overshadowed by concern over the spread of Corona virus, and was governed by measures that were not taken into account by the families and friends of the prisoner who spent 16 A year in the occupation prisons.

Thus, the bridegroom (Isaac) was forced to drive alone with his car from the Dheisheh camp, to Al-Aroub camp located to the north of Bethlehem to transport his bride Shaima, and he was limited to accompanying two other cars who had fewer number of his sisters and relatives, at the ceremony that all his ceremonies were canceled due to the measures taken to confront a virus Sk.

The young Mosleh was released from the occupation prisons in November of 2018, but his brother Shadi, who is serving an 18-year prison sentence, is still being held captive, and he is scheduled to be released at the end of this year.

And Isaac said in an interview with "Al-Quds" dot com: "We had to cancel all the ceremony because of the Koruna. We tried to override the cancellation of the party by postponing the wedding date that was scheduled for March 13, when the virus appeared in Bethlehem on the fifth of the same month, We thought that these exceptional circumstances would end in a month, but they spanned, so we had to conduct the wedding today in this way. "

On his feelings, Ishaq said: "The Palestinian people used to be deficient in their joys, and when they released me, a year and a half ago, celebrations took place on this occasion with the participation of all my relatives, friends and loved ones from the camp and outside it. The scene is repeated again, "indicating that he had coordinated with the governorate and the competent authorities in order for the bride to be brought in." The strict measures need to perform such coordination and approval, because we are very keen to adhere to the instructions to confront the corona. "

Isaac explained that the ceremony, which was scheduled in a hall that was booked several months ago, was canceled, and there are many other ceremonies that were prepared for it were canceled, and the matter was limited to the bride going to the salon, and "We went to the Jasser Palace Hotel in order to take some pictures on this occasion." ".

In the bride’s house in Al-Aroub camp, only a limited number of the bride’s relatives were present in her farewell, “There can be no joy in this occasion, despite the general circumstances the world is witnessing in general, and that the reduction in the manifestations of the wedding ceremony reflects the state of awareness and commitment of our people and their concern for each other.” He said Her brother, who stressed that "the important thing here is to open a new Palestinian house, and this is the secret of our survival and our survival on this land."

For his part, the groom's brother, Wael, said, "Despite these conditions, the appearances of joy did not disappear completely. The procession of the newlyweds accompanied a number of cars upon his arrival at his home in the Dheisheh camp, as well as a number of his relatives and friends participated in it within a narrow framework, and in light of the commitment to the preventive measures followed."

Wael wrote on his Facebook page, "Sorry," a picture of the newlyweds, announcing and blessing his brother and Shaima's wedding in these circumstances, "The couple and Corona" .. Congratulations.


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