Gaza: new casualties recovered and plea to provide Corona examination materials

 Ashraf Al-Qudra, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, announced today, Saturday evening, that the number of people recovering from the Coruna virus has risen to 5 out of 12 infected.

And the ability in the daily briefing of the Gaza Information and Information Center, that all the remaining 7 cases are still stable.

He pointed out that the technical teams intensified the withdrawal and examination of samples for the suspected cases, and most of the results were negative and no new infection with the Corona virus was recorded.

And that the medical teams monitor the health status of 1897 hosted in 27 quarantine centers and all of them are in good health, indicating that 60% of the quarantine center hosts receive direct medical care in hotels, health centers and hospitals.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Health and governmental institutions in Gaza are reviewing their precautionary measures in order to immunize society from the Corona pandemic.

He said, "The epidemiological surveillance system contributed to the detection of infected cases without the appearance of symptoms, which confirms the safety of the precautionary measures taken, and no infection was recorded within the community in the sector."

And that the available health constituents are very limited, and what was received from various entities is shy aid that the Ministry cannot help in facing the Corona pandemic.

Al-Qudra pointed out that the virus testing materials are scarce, which means that the ministry will lose its ability to test in Gaza within a few days, asking the concerned authorities to send sufficient quantities of them.

The spokesman for the health in Gaza demanded that the concerned authorities assume their responsibilities in supporting the urgent and urgent needs to confront the Corona virus, including medicines, medical consumables, protection supplies, laboratory supplies, and medical equipment parts, noting that what was sent from Ramallah is 1500 tubes to withdraw samples, which is estimated at 4000 dollars. It cannot be used without sending the associated examination materials.

He pointed out that the ventilators and the intensive care beds available are almost enough for the daily needs of patients, adding, "We urgently and urgently need 100 ventilators and 140 intensive care beds to face the Corona virus."

He called on citizens to adhere to the instructions for preventive and safety procedures, calling on them to put a muzzle on the nose and mouth during their visits to clinics, hospitals and markets.

He affirmed the ability to end the quarantine period for the first batch of the hosts in the centers, asking them not to mix and adhere to the total preventive measures and safety measures that will be provided by medical teams.

For his part, Iyad Al-Bazm, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, affirmed that the crossings of individuals continue to be closed and any return will be quarantined 21 days, which may be increased.

He renewed the call for citizens to commit to homes for as long as possible, limit movement and roaming, and place them within the framework of necessity only, and wear masks in the event of movement, especially in closed places.

He pointed out that during the past month, a decrease in the crime rate was recorded.

Al-Bism assured the availability of basic commodities without deficiency, and the continued monitoring of markets by the competent authorities.

He also stressed the continuation of the decision to close the wedding halls and marine rest houses and prevent gatherings.


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