Melhem: 5 new injuries in Singel, Deir Jarir, and Bedouin, bringing the total number of injuries to 160

The results of the tests conducted for "35" samples that were examined in the central laboratory of the Ministry of Health in the city of Ramallah Thursday morning, "5" new injuries were recorded in the villages of Singel and Deir Jarir, northeast of Ramallah , And the town of Bedouin, northwest of occupied Jerusalem.

This came in a statement issued by the government’s official spokesman, Ibrahim Melhem, issued on Thursday afternoon, in which he stated that among the injured were four employees of the Israeli chicken slaughterhouse infested in "Atarot" in occupied Jerusalem, between the ages of "30" and "45" years. While the fifth injury belongs to a thirty-year-old woman from the Bedouin town northwest of occupied Jerusalem, to which the infection was transmitted from her husband working in that affected slaughterhouse.

The injured were taken to quarantine centers in some Ramallah hotels, and Hugo Chavez Hospital in Turmus Aya.

This brings the total injuries in Palestine to 160.

He indicated that "250" workers from the infested chicken slaughterhouse in "Atarot" will be received this Thursday, Thursday, in coordination with the Civil Affairs Authority and the Ministry of Labor and Health, and they will be distributed to quarantine centers in Ramallah hotels to take samples from them for examination.


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