7 new injuries in Corona. Total rise to 91 in Palestine

The government spokesman, Ibrahim Melhem, announced today, Friday, that the number of people infected with the Corona virus emerging in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has increased to 91, after 7 new cases were recorded this morning in the village of Bedou, northwest of Jerusalem. And in the governorate of Bethlehem.

"I took samples from 100 people in the village of Bedou, and the results appeared today, where 5 samples were found, which is for a number of children, including a two-year-old baby, a 10-year-old boy, a 20-year-old man, a 50-year-old man, and all the injured," Melhem said during the morning briefing. They were taken to the Carmel Quarantine Hotel in Ramallah, with the exception of the fiftieth man, who was transferred to the Hoco Chavez Quarantine Center, north of Ramallah.

He continued, "I also took samples in Bethlehem for 227 workers, and two injuries appeared, namely, for a worker working in a fuel station in the settlement of Asyoun, and his mother who works in cleaning work in one of the settlements."

On the other hand, Melhem said: "There is no truth to the rumors about the presence of new injuries in Gaza," while pointing out that the total number of casualties since the outbreak of the epidemic has risen to 91.

In turn, the Ministry of Health said in a brief statement, "The number of coronavirus cases was 91, and the number of recovery cases among them was 17, and the number of deaths is one, so the current number of infected people remains 73."


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