Gaza Health: Expanding the circle of medical examinations to detect corona virus

Rami Al-Abadleh, Director of the Infection Control Department at the Ministry of Health in Gaza, confirmed today, Thursday, the expansion of the circle of medical examinations aimed at detecting the new Corona virus.

Al-Abadleh stated in a press statement that those in contact with the detected cases will mainly be targeted as part of the precautionary efforts to inventory and prevent the spread of the virus in the Gaza Strip.

He indicated that the tests will also include those who show symptoms of the disease and are diagnosed and screened by specialist medical staff.

The reassurance reassured the residents of the Gaza Strip that precautionary health measures had made the disease under control, and that all detected cases were those that had been quarantined after returning from abroad.

He pointed out that his ministry is committed to the principle of transparency and direct detection of all cases that show the results of its analysis of HIV infection, calling on citizens to adhere to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and the government committees formed on the spread of the virus


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