2-Color Painted Lake

London _ Agencies

A camera mounted on a drone, "drone ", recorded spectacular footage, in which the waters of the Great Salt Lake in the American state of Utah took two different colours.

The video, which monitors a train making its way on a railroad crossing the lake, shows water in two colors, the first blue with a green slope in some areas, and the second red slash to syphilis.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail", which posted the video on its website, stated that the difference in color is due to the different salinity in the lake water.

Fresh water feeds the south side of the lake, which controls salt levels there, so it appears in blue and less green.

It thrives on the north side, Alhalovilet bacteria, which are considered to be love of the salts, which contributes to the appearance of red color.

Located on its shores, Salt Lake City, the state capital, is 4,000 square kilometers and its waters are more salty than ocean waters.

The US authorities built the railway in the center of the Lake in 1959, with the aim of connecting the Stansbury Peninsula with the west side of the lagoon.


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