How did the Hebrew newspapers comment on the escalation in Gaza?

Hebrew newspapers issued today paid great attention to the security situation and the escalation witnessed by the Gaza Strip front yesterday and early this morning.

The newspapers published several reports and articles for military and security analysts and other political analysts, about what happened and how the image of the recovery of the body of martyr Khan Yunis Muhammad al-Naim (27 years old) turned into a state of popular anger in Gaza, which eventually led to rocket fire and escalating tension before the Israeli elections scheduled for the second From next month, which was not sought by Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of the occupation government.

And the Hebrew newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" saw in its report, "The Islamic Jihad movement is seeking to torpedo the calm efforts that are taking place between Egypt and Israel indirectly and under Egyptian, Qatari and international sponsorship."

The newspaper claimed that the Israeli government has reached a wide-ranging deal with Hamas, and is ready to take a series of long-term economic facilities that Gaza has not seen since Hamas came to power.

And the newspaper considered that what happened "is Israel forgetting to close simple details with Hamas, which is the demand to impose calm on all factions, especially Islamic Jihad."

The newspaper claimed that Islamic Jihad had been trying for days to escalate the situation after the shooting of snipers east of Khan Yunis, and its members returned to work in the same area yesterday, before one of its members was killed, noting that the process of recovering the body was in the framework of the decision of the Minister of the Army, Naftali Bennett, who seeks to keep Corpses to be used as a bargaining chip against Hamas.

The newspaper believes that Netanyahu and Bennett do not want another round of fighting a week before the elections, but Islamic Jihad is planning to drag Israel there by force, as he tried to do in the previous round of elections.

For her part, Shimrit Meir, a political writer in the Yedioth newspaper, saw that the harsh pictures of the removal of the body of the martyr Khan Yunis constituted a state of collective shock in Gaza, and a feeling of humiliation.

She noted that the escalation took place despite the facilities that the Tel Aviv government is trying to provide to Gaza before the elections, saying that Hamas cannot control the Islamic Jihad, which is constantly seeking to thwart any efforts to reach a permanent calm.

Meir believes that Hamas also wants to leave an atmosphere of "violence" that it can turn to at any time. It understands that only "violence" can force Israel to fulfill its obligations, and because it does not want to give up its identity in continuing the violent conflict with Israel.

For its part, the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz said that the occupation depends on Qatar in an attempt to prevent the deterioration, by pumping more money to Gaza, pointing out that the government in Tel Aviv is not concerned with the escalation in Gaza.

The newspaper saw that Islamic Jihad is not concerned with the deal that is reached with Egyptian tactics and Qatari financial support, noting that the occupation government wants a bigger role for Qatar to continue to pay money even after the elections to continue in the state of calm that Hamas also wants with the continued implementation of projects.

For its part, the newspaper Yisrael Hume said, "Islamic Jihad is trying to prevent reaching understandings, due to competition with Hamas, as well as under the guidance of Iran," according to its allegations. Noting that the missile attack from Gaza put Israel in an uncomfortable angle and in an inappropriate time, contrary to its desire for calm.

The newspaper pointed out, that despite the attacks launched last night, Israel still has a clear intention after breaking the rules and being drawn into a widespread escalation on the eve of the elections.

The newspaper pointed out that Hamas again neutralized itself and refrained from firing rockets, as happened after the assassination of Jihad leader Baha Abu Al-Atta.

For his part, political analyst Ben Caspit wrote in the Maariv newspaper, that the image of the abuse of the body of the young man east of Khan Yunis, which Bennett sought to serve as a picture of victory, had serious repercussions, which caused the launching of rockets from Gaza in a clear change to the rules of the game that the Netanyahu government cannot change .

Bin Caspit asked about the absence of an adult who deals with Bennett and works to calm him down instead of making statements and decisions that harm more than their benefit, explaining that the image of the abuse of the young man's body was expected to return Islamic jihad to it, but it may extend to more than that by implementing stabbings and others.

He pointed out that there are hundreds of thousands of Israelis who have become hostages in the Gaza missile cover, due to an uncalculated decision, he said.

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