China urges France not to discriminate against "Huawei" in developing 5G networks

 The Chinese embassy in Paris said it learned from recent media reports that the Chinese technology company (Huawei) may face restrictions on the development of fifth generation networks in France, calling on local authorities to "treat all companies On an equal footing".

In a statement issued on Sunday, the embassy said, "We are deeply shocked and concerned," adding that "(French) President Emmanuel Macron and other senior French officials have repeatedly stressed that France will not take discriminatory measures against a specific country or company, and that it will not exclude Huawei."

"We fully understand the sovereign concerns of any country regarding the security of 5G networks. But they must be based on knowledge and facts, and the measures taken must be proportionate," the embassy statement added.

Rejecting security concerns about the company, the embassy stressed that the Chinese telecom giant offers "significant advantages in technology, cost and market."

According to French media reports, the Chinese company may face restrictions in the country's main cities, and its license validity period may be much shorter than that of European companies such as Nokia and Ericsson.

"If, due to security concerns, the French government is to impose restrictions on operators, it should set transparent standards on this and treat all companies equally," the embassy said.


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