"Huawei" sues the American telecom company for patent violations

Chinese telecom operator Huawei has filed two lawsuits against the US telecom operator Verizon for patent infringement after a clear failure to agree terms of licensing to use its intellectual property.

The Chinese giant Huawei, the telecom and smartphone maker, said it had contacted Verizon a year ago and reported the US company in violation of several patents of Huawei, Bloomberg News reported in a report Thursday.

Among the mentioned patent violations are network safety measures, remote sharing from a computer, parental controls on the device, and even designing the Contacts app for smartphones and tablets.

Rich Yang, a Verizon spokesman, said Huawei's claims are "a public relations ploy. This measure lacks objective facts, and we look forward to vigorously defending our company and our nation."

Although the content of the legal action does not appear to involve significant risks, it is a new sign of Huawei's growing competitive position toward US companies in the wake of Washington's handcuffed sanctions on China.


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