The occupation arrested 500 citizens last month

The Palestinian Prisoners Studies Center monitored the arrest of 500 citizens by the Israeli occupation forces during the first month of this year.

The Center stated in its report that among the detainees last month, 75 children and 18 women.

"The occupation continued, during the new year, the policy of arrests that it is carrying out against our people, especially after the announcement of the Trump deal, and forcing them to accept the status quo," said the media spokesman for the center, Riyadh Al-Ashqar.

He added, "The arrests have become a drain on the Palestinian people, and one of the tools of repression that the occupation uses to fight it and break its thorn, and there is hardly an hour without carrying out an arrest operation that affects all segments of Palestinian society."

He pointed out that the occupation arrested 9 citizens from the Gaza Strip, two of whom were arrested at the Beit Hanoun / Erez checkpoint, while 7 young men were arrested at the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip under the pretext of an attempt to "infiltrate".

The occupation also arrested 5 international activists, including a member of the Finnish Parliament, "Anna Kuntala", for allegedly trying to cross the fence that separates the occupied territories in 48 from the Gaza Strip, from the Israeli side of the southern Gaza Strip, in protest against the continued siege that causes a humanitarian crisis of more than 2 million Palestinians.

While the occupation arrested the secretary of the Fatah movement in Jerusalem, Shadi Mutour, while he was with his children in the Old City, and after interrogating him, he handed him a decision to deport him from the Al-Aqsa Mosque for a week.

Al-Ashqar pointed out that the occupation continued to target minors with arrests, as during the past month (75) cases of detention of minors' children (under the age of 18 years) were monitored.

He pointed out that the occupation has increased the targeting of women, as cases of detention among women reached (18), most of them from the occupied city of Jerusalem, while the occupation arrested a pregnant woman in her last month of Qalqilya with her husband, and was released after investigating for hours on a bail of 20 thousand shekels.

He stated that the prison administration increased the storming and abuse of prisoners, as it monitored 13 storming operations in prisons last January, including 6 storming operations carried out in Raymond prison during which dozens of prisoners were transferred to other prisons without allowing them to take any of their belongings. , Or their clothes.

The administration moved 34 children from Ofer Prison to Damoun without accompanying their adult prisoners ’representatives, with the aim of being taken aside, and also stormed the Damun Prison for Female Prisoners and assaulted them after they refused to release a sick prisoner for punishment.


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