"Climate hysteria" is the worst word in Germany in 2019

A committee of German linguists chose the word "Klimahysterie" (climate hysteria) as the worst word used in Germany in 2019.

The jury spokeswoman, linguist Nina Yanish, said on Tuesday that this phrase distorts the efforts to protect the climate and the movement to protect the climate and underestimates important discussions to protect the climate, adding: "It is generally considered the growing interest in protecting the climate as a kind of collective obsession."

Yanish said that this phrase was also used by many representatives of the political, economic and media circles.

For example, politician in the right-wing populist party "Alternative for Germany", Alexander Gauland, used this phrase last June when he said: "Alternative for Germany will not participate in the climate hysteria of other parties."

"In view of the scientific findings related to climate change, the phrase is misleading and irresponsibly supports anti-science trends," said Yanish.

The worst word for the year has been chosen in Germany since 1991 and the initiative seeks to raise awareness about inappropriate use of the German language by highlighting words that violate for example human dignity or democracy or that discriminate against societal groups or involve misleading intents.

Purely insults are not part of the commission's choices.

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