The presidency: Israel seeks to annex large parts of the West Bank

The Presidency accused Israel on Saturday of trying to annex large parts of the Palestinian territories in Area C of the West Bank.

In a press statement, the presidency warned of the danger of the expansionist tendencies of the occupation to enable settlers to register Palestinian lands in areas classified as "C" in the land registry in the Israeli Ministry of Justice, where the Minister of the Occupation Army, Naftali Bennett, instructed officials to change the existing legal system.

The current system is based on registering lands in areas classified "C" that are under administrative and security control by the occupation with the Israeli Civil Administration, while the presidency stated that transferring the procedures to the Ministry of Justice would strengthen the occupation's control over those areas.

The Palestinian Presidency expressed its absolute rejection and condemnation of such recommendations, considering that this constitutes an attempt to annex large parts of Palestinian lands in the aforementioned areas, which is in violation of Security Council Resolution 2334, which considers all settlement illegal in all Palestinian lands.

The Presidency considered that this decision exploits the American administration's hostility to the aspirations and hopes of the Palestinian people to prevent the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital.

She added that this is a new opportunity for all countries of the world to reject and condemn again all that violates international law, especially settlements and the policy of annexation that are being talked about, whether by Israel or through the rejected deal of the century, which will not be allowed by the Palestinian people.

It also considered that this approach is a challenge to the decision of the International Criminal Court, which has begun to take steps to investigate war crimes in Palestine, and constitutes a violation of all signed agreements, renewing its refusal that Palestinian land be a fuel for Israeli electoral propaganda.

The newspaper "Israel Hume" revealed, on Friday, that Bennett ordered the transfer of the authority to follow up the registration of lands, within settlements in the West Bank, from the Civil Administration to the Israeli Ministry of Justice. The newspaper pointed out that this step comes within "Bennett's efforts to strengthen Israel's control of Area C" in the occupied West Bank.


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