Pandora Launches Interactive Voice Ads Service

Pandora's online music streaming platform has begun testing a new format of ads that allows listeners to respond to the ad in an audible manner. In the new announcement, the listener can respond in audible words to the questions the advertisement raises by saying "Yes."

The listener can also ask questions during the broadcast of the advertisement in order to obtain more information about the product or commodity being announced.

TechCrunch, a tech-savvy website, pointed out that companies using the new formula in their ads are Unilever for Personal Care, Ashley Home Stores for home appliances, furniture, Doritos crackers, Nestle and Comcast.

These new ads begin by explaining their nature and how they work. After that, a short and simple message is played followed by a question that the listeners are supposed to answer in an audible manner.

For example, the Windows company announcement asks listeners if they feel hungry and if they answer "yes" the ad continues to offer advice on what listeners can eat. As for Beatz Digiorno's announcement, listeners are asked to answer "yes" in order to hear pizza-related jokes. And Ashley's Home Stores announcement engages in a conversation with listeners about the best way to get a good night's sleep and so on.

It is noteworthy that the new advertising formula takes advantage of Pandora's voice interaction technology, which is used in the Voice Voice feature "Voice Mode" on the Pandora application, which was launched earlier this year. While Voice Mode allows Pandora users to control their music streaming device remotely and with voice commands.

Interactive ads allow users to interact with and interact with advertiser content without resorting to traditional on-screen text links.

And the American company Pandora believes that these new types of ads will be more effective as it will force listeners to pay more attention to advertising compared to the traditional forms of one-way ads.

Interactive ads also provide a more direct measure to see how many people have listened to or interacted with the ad, which is difficult with traditional audio ads, because they are inherently not clickable.


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