127 thousand disability cases in the Gaza Strip

Dr. Raafat Lubbad, Director General of Hamad Rehabilitation and Prosthetics Hospital in the Gaza Strip, said that there are about 127 thousand cases of disability in the Gaza Strip, of which 49% suffer from motor disabilities and need various services.

Hamad said that Hamad Hospital, funded by the Qatar Development Fund, has provided more than 5300 rehabilitation services, 25306 thousand therapeutic services during the 7 months of operation in April 2019, through its three departments (rehabilitation section and prosthetics department). , Department of Hearing and Balance).

He described the figure as "unprecedented" for services to patients, whether caused by brain tumors, strokes, strokes or those caused by direct accidents, resulting in speech and swallowing disability.

"People with special needs are part of society and we have a great responsibility towards this segment," he said.

"We have started with steady and confident steps forward and we are determined to provide a distinguished service according to international and international standards for our Palestinian people," he added.

"The hospital seeks to be an advanced and internationally accredited center for medical rehabilitation, education and scientific research in the Gaza Strip," he said, noting that Hamad Hospital opened with 16 beds.


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