"Google" adds a new feature to help correct pronunciation of words

Google's Internet search engine has added a new feature that helps users search for the correct pronunciation of words.

The new feature does not pronounce the word in the correct way, but allows the user to repeat the pronunciation of the word, while obtaining an immediate assessment of the validity of the pronunciation on the same search result page.

The site "TechCrunch" specialized in technology topics that this feature will be very useful for those who learn a foreign language in particular, adding that this feature depends mainly on the technology of artificial intelligence or machine learning, where the voice recognition tools in Google process the voice recording and separated It then compares the pronunciation of this recording of the user with the way experts pronounce the same words.

Along with this feature, Google has added more illustrations to its dictionary and translation functions.

These characteristics are so far available in English only and are used only with nouns and not verbs, where, it is still difficult to find the correct picture or drawing to illustrate verbs.

"Advances in word recognition and machine learning can improve the way we learn languages," Google said in announcing the new feature. "We hope that the new features will provide you with an innovative and more effective way to pronounce, see and remember new words. More languages, dialects and regions to come. "


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