Education: 6 students were killed and 15 schools were damaged during the aggression on Gaza

 Six students have been killed and 15 schools damaged by Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, the education ministry said on Thursday.

The ministry accused the occupation of committing crimes by targeting children, school students and educational institutions, which reflects the extent of its crime.

The ministry pointed out that hundreds of children in cases of panic and fear as a result of barbaric shelling that targeted safe houses.

She pointed out that 15 schools were damaged, including damage to the collapse of the walls of schools and cracks of classrooms and the destruction of doors and windows and the arrival of stones and shrapnel shells into the classrooms and school yards.

"The Israeli occupation of targeting children and educational institutions is a serious violation of international conventions and customs.

The martyrs students are:

1 - The martyr student: Mohammed Attia Hamouda from Othman Bin Affan Secondary School for Boys, Directorate of Education in northern Gaza

2. The martyr student: Ismail Abdel-Al from Yafa Secondary School for Boys in East Gaza

3 - The martyr student: Amir Ayyad in the second grade of the olive joint school for refugees east of Gaza

4- The martyr Muath Mohammed Al-Sawarka from Abdullah Bin Rawaha School for the second grade.

5- The martyr Muhannad Rasmi Al-Swarka from Abdullah Bin Rawahah School for Boys

6- The martyr Waseem Mohammed Al-Sawarka from Abdullah Bin Rawahah School for Boys


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