Health warns: The American hospital project is not innocent and its goals are serious

The Ministry of Health renewed its categorical rejection of any project, whatever the names it falls under if it affects Palestinian sovereignty and the national project, and the rights of our people.

The ministry said in a press statement, on Thursday, that it considers with concern and caution of the project to establish a US hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, considering it an attempt to whiten the image of the Israeli occupation stained with Palestinian blood, and a planned step to separate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank completely and completely, by preventing Any communication at any level between our people in the two parts of the homeland.

She added that this project seeks to achieve Israeli goals aimed at liquidating the Palestinian issue and fragmenting it, and to create additional justifications for making a state in the Gaza Strip at the expense of Palestinian history and rights.

The ministry said that the objectives of the project are open to every eye and mind. Israel is the first and last beneficiary, as it will prevent Palestinian patients from entering hospitals in the West Bank and Jerusalem for treatment, which is currently preventing dozens of citizens and deny them the right to treatment, which led to the death of many patients They are waiting for the necessary permits to enter the hospitals.

The Ministry of Health deplored the claim of the de facto authority in the Gaza Strip (Hamas) that this project has no political connotations. It came according to a political agreement between it and Israel and America.

The ministry said that our Arab brothers, when they provide support to our people, they provide it according to the national priorities and plans of our Palestinian people, and not according to political agendas set by Israel and America.

How can the United States, which has cut off support for hospitals in the occupied capital and threatened the lives of Palestinian patients, support the establishment of a hospital in the Gaza Strip, unless the real purpose behind it is to harm the Palestinians and harm their rights and destruction.

She added that the attempt of the de facto authority there to take the project as if it was a support from an "American institution" to divert attention from the US administration support it, a failed attempt to get out of this impasse. Any project implemented by any American institution must be satisfied and approved by the White House.

The ministry explained that if this project was innocent and aims to serve our people, why did not develop the existing Gaza Strip hospitals, distributed in all areas of the Gaza Strip, and not in the northern Gaza Strip under the pretext of "facilitating the movement of workers to enter and exit within the territory of 48", is the first facilitate Entry and exit of staff who do not know anything about them, not about their qualifications, nationalities, affiliations and goals, or the first to facilitate the arrival of patients to the hospital?

She continued: If this project is innocent, why is it being worked on and planned in secret without the knowledge of the Ministry of Health? Will you work with it, especially after the de facto authority in Gaza said that its workers will be admitted and discharged from the hospital to the territory of 48?

The Ministry of Health also denounced the allegations made by the de facto authority in the Gaza Strip about the government, stressing that the government is working at full capacity despite the financial crisis it faces to meet the needs of our people in the Gaza Strip, especially the various Ministry of Health centers.


Health spends 360 million shekels a year on the Gaza Strip

The ministry affirms that it attaches great importance to the health sector in the southern governorates, to ease the trapped people there, adding that it spends 360 million shekels annually to cover medical referrals for patients, in addition to medicines and medical consumables for health centers in the Gaza Strip, at a rate of one million shekels per day, in addition to projects Implemented by the Ministry there with the support of international institutions and donor countries.

The ministry added that the cost of medical referrals to patients from the Gaza Strip is 300 million shekels a year, while the value of medicines and medical consumables annual 60 million shekels.

"Our people in the Gaza Strip are victims of the unjust siege imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities for more than 12 years," she said. They also tried to reach medical treatment facilities, in addition to targeting medical staff on the borders of the Gaza Strip during the weekly marches.

The Minister of Health Mai al-Kaila that achieving Palestinian reconciliation is the shortest and most powerful way to face the siege imposed by Israel, and to unite efforts to serve our people.

She said that in the light of our national responsibilities to our people, the shortage that occurs in the pharmaceutical sector in our warehouses is equally reflected in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, pointing out that we shared the siege, suffering and injustice, and we will share the pills of medicine among the people of the same country.

She considered that this project an attack on the Palestinian territory through the establishment of a government and popular project rejected on public land, and considered it an attack on the rights of Palestinian patients, who will be controlled by unknown and unidentified medical staff for the Ministry of Health responsible for the health of citizens in all governorates of the country.


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