US surgical delegation ends medical missions in Gaza

 A US surgical delegation on Sunday completed a week-long medical mission in the neurosurgery department of the European Hospital of Gaza in coordination with the Palestine Children's Relief Society.

The head of the neurosurgery department at the European Hospital Nidal Abu Hadros, said that the delegation on the first day a preview of patients who have been pre-screened, and need surgical intervention by the local staff to present to the competent delegation.

He added in a press statement that "11 operations were conducted in partnership with local staff, most notably the removal of a large brain tumor and a large deep into the brain chambers."

In addition, Abu Hadrous explained that two operations were performed to remove the tumors of the skull with a grafting procedure, as well as surgeries to repair the deformities of the skull in three children, and other operations were all successful.

He stressed that the Department of Neurosurgery in Europe always welcomes medical delegations visiting from abroad, expressing his full readiness to cooperate with those who can provide a quality service and safe for patients, pointing out that the Department has received seven delegations since February.

The management of the European Gaza Hospital honored the delegation for conducting many difficult surgeries and alleviating the suffering of patients, in addition to the training of local medical staff.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Health affirms that it always seeks in cooperation with its partners in the health work to bring medical and surgical delegations that contribute to cover a large part of the conduct of quality operations and evaluation of local experience and benefit in providing training titles to hone and develop the skills of local staff.


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