Updated The PLO condemns Netanyahu´s decision to build 300 settlement units west of Ramallah

The PLO on Monday condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to build 300 housing units to build a new neighborhood in the Dolev settlement west of Ramallah.

"The insane settlement escalation that continues to devour the territory of the State of Palestine reflects the opportunist colonial mentality of the war contractor Benjamin Netanyahu and his extremist government," said PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi in a statement.

"The corrupt Netanyahu proves that his election campaign, armed with his radical populist approach, has no limits, and that in order to reach his goal he is fighting wars and igniting the whole region." Accusing him of offering offerings to the settlers to win their votes in the upcoming Israeli elections.

She considered that "this colonial behavior is progressive and systematic since the establishment of the occupation and is based mainly on the policy of ethnic cleansing, forced displacement and theft of land, resources and property and the challenge of international law and resolutions of international legitimacy with the support of an absolute US political, legal and financial.

"The time has come to impose sanctions on Israel and hold it accountable for its deliberate violation of international resolutions and laws, and for humanitarian principles and values," Ashrawi concluded.

Netanyahu has said in a press statement today, that he will put forward a plan to build these new units during the next session of the Planning and Construction Committee, stressing that his government will continue to promote settlement throughout the occupied West Bank.

And witnessed the "Dolev" settlement, located northwest of Ramallah on Friday, an Israeli woman was killed and her father and brother were injured in an explosive device attack.


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