Perhaps not what you expect .. Apple is about to launch a new watch

Apple's latest registration request reinforces rumors about the new Apple Watch, which the company is preparing to announce next September, but does not answer the question of whether the watch is a fifth-generation (Apple). Watch Series 5) Or is it an older watch with new improvements.

After a drought of rumors about the Apple Watch, this week finally received concrete evidence from different sources that Apple may launch an hour or two at its special conference next month.

The first evidence is that Apple has applied to the European Economic Commission (EEC) to register four new models of Apple Watch operating system "WatchOS 6", according to the site McRumors news about the US company. This is a necessary introduction to bringing a product to that market.

Apple has included a wide range of other products in the registration application, including new iPhones running iOS 13 and new MacBooks.

But it doesn't have to be all that you have with the EEA as a new product, as the company has also registered the newly released iPod Touch 2019, so the watches that you have registered may be new versions of existing models.

Another important clue came directly from the source, the watch OS, where the Brazilian website iHelpPR found references to an Apple Watch version of titanium and ceramics in the latest OS 6 code. These are the four models referred to in the application, two measurements of the ceramic clock model and two measurements of the titanium clock model.

According to CNET, this will not be the first time that Apple introduced the watch "Apple Watch" ceramic, because the watches of the second generation (Ceres 2) and the third generation (Ceres 3) came with a choice of ceramics and sold for $ 1,500 each. But it will be the first time to issue a titanium.

But it is unclear whether this titanium structure will feature an entirely new watch or an upgrade to the current Series 4 series.

The only reference to a fifth-generation watch (Ceres 5) came from Apple's future analyst Ming Chuq. According to his latest report, cited by McRumers, Japan Display Company will provide the OLED screens required for the Apple Watch Series 5 expected in the second half of this year. The analyst also predicted that Apple will introduce a ceramic model from its watch.

According to CNET, this news leaves two possibilities for the Apple Watch 2019, the first is the release of Ceres 4 with a new glossy (ceramic or titanium), or Ceres 5 with gradual gear upgrades, faster processor and longer battery life, and perhaps with the feature of long sleep tracking Waiting for her.


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