A Brazilian drug dealer tries to escape from prison as a woman

 Brazilian drug dealer Cloven and Da Silva tried to escape from prison in disguise as a woman with a rubber mask, bra and women's jeans.

Da Silva tried to escape from Jericho prison near Rio de Janeiro after his daughter visited him, the G1 news site reported on Monday. But the notorious prisoner acted suspiciously, prompting prison guards to stop him.

The prison administration released a video in which the prison officer first removed Da Silva from his glasses and black wigs, how the prisoner removed the silicon face mask, and then uttered his name at the request of the prison guard.

The police listened to the statements of Da Silva, his daughter and seven other people.

Among the suspects was also a pregnant woman, who probably smuggled the rubber mask into the prison, where pregnant women are not searched during prison visits.

The prisoner wanted to escape from the prison in the name of his daughter, and to leave the prison through the main entrance.

According to the failed plan, his son would have remained in prison and later registered with the prison administration.

There are investigations against the 19-year-old girl for helping escape.

Cloven and Da Silva, known as Baixinho (the young), are serving 73 years in prison.

He had already escaped from prison in 2013, according to VIA magazine, where he managed to escape with 30 other prisoners during the visit, through a tunnel and sewage pipes.

Kloofen, a member of the "Red Command" gang, managed to disappear after he escaped in the Favela area near the prison, but police arrested him a few weeks after his escape.

According to the prison administration, the new escape attempt is directly related to a campaign targeting the leaders of the "Red Command" gang, where the prison administration recently confiscated several prisoners' phones, from which they ran criminal activities from inside the prison. The prison administration believes that the "last unusual form of escape" was "desperate."

Baixinu was transferred to a high-security prison after a failed escape attempt.

Al-Saghir is expected to face a disciplinary punishment only because he did not use violence while trying to escape.


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