Gaza hosts first camp for the people who are limbs amputates

"Dunya Said", accompanied by a specialized team, tries to integrate dozens of Palestinian amputees from the Gaza Strip into the community, and to send them a message that life has not stopped in this suffering, in the first summer camp of the Middle East's mattori.

"Said", the official in charge of foreign travel at the Palestine Children's Relief Society of America, struggled to travel from the United States of America to Gaza to oversee the (Camp Al-Qadra) set up by the Association in the southern Gaza City of Khan Younis, with the participation of 55 children of amputees due to war and deformities Background which lasts for ten consecutive days.

Between sports, psychological support, and some games, "Said", is trying to bring joy to the children who, on Tuesday, set off their first summer camp in the Middle East, which has been equipped for a whole year to reach this level.

The idea of camp

"The idea of the camp, which I inspired a year ago, to bring happiness to the children and motivate them to work, live and not despair, is that they have been amputated in one or both limbs," she said, noting that the camp will continue until August august 8th.

"We are working to equip amputees on more than one side, such as psychosocial support, and teach them how to deal with the limbs they need and all the tools needed for an amputee child," she said.

"Our goal and mission from this camp is to delight the children first, to come out of it as people who are able to challenge the world and do what they want, and to convince them that anything in life can be done, and that life does not stop because of the amputation of a limb of his body."
The idea of establishing the camp in Gaza, the first amputees camp in the Middle East, came because the Palestine Children's Relief Society hosted one child from Gaza every year in the United States camp, so the thinking was to transfer this experience to the Gaza Strip, to benefit the largest number of children, in light of the increase in the number of Wren has up to 100 children in Gaza.

They brought the necessary toys to Gaza, and also used other means in the Gaza Strip, such as swimming pools and toys available in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Qadra Camp

"After studying all the therapeutic, recreational and social activities offered to children, which are primarily aimed at giving amputees the confidence that they can accomplish everything that any other child does and integrate them into the community," said Said.

"We want to help the children and try to equip them as much as possible, teach them self-reliance and here we help you to do something in their lives."

International activist Raji Shawarz from the United States is scheduled to join the camp to share his experience after the 14-year-old disability challenge in the 1970s.

"Said" stressed that "Shawars" is a model for the challenge of amputation, as he has successes in winning more than one international race of the limbs, and he is coming to tell these children that amputation does not hinder work.
Challenging model

"In the United States, Shawar's lived almost like the suffering of gaza's children and is now an old man who had his leg amputated at the age of 14 and challenged the world to prove to himself and the world that I am right, amputated, but I am able to work," she said.

She added: "Shawars challenged those who used to call him inappropriate words such as, you are disabled, until I proved to them, that you give me that challenge the ability to work and that life does not end when amputation."
American prosthetics specialist Rimona is also scheduled to arrive with physiotherapist Lisa, who will work to improve the limbs obtained by some children and study the needs of the rest to meet them through the Palestine Children's Relief Society.

The first day of the camp began with activity, with a beautiful bag distributed to each child with the necessary items, and camp leaders introduced the rules of discipline and interaction within the camp, after which recreational activities were launched.

A number of children expressed their happiness to participate in the camp despite their pain and pain, stressing that this camp will be the beginning of a new life for them to challenge amputation and the ability to live with the community.

For 26 years, Palestine Children's Relief has been working to provide medical and humanitarian care to sick and wounded children in Palestine and refugees in the Middle East.

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