The occupation army admits: We killed the demonstrators on the Gaza border in vain

Hundreds of Palestinians killed and thousands injured by Israeli occupation forces' targeting of demonstrators in the "return marches" The borders of the besieged Gaza Strip are in violation of the law, B'Tselem said. And caused the killing of innocents without guilt and without creating any threat to the occupation army.

B'Tselem said in a report today that the IDF's firing regulations are illegal and violate international law and even Israeli law and are considered a crime, which has been approved by the Israeli High Court of Justice.

The report said: "Now official bodies in Israel recognize that they knew very well that there were those who were killed in these demonstrations without any justification, even from the point of view of the state However, no one commissioned himself to change the instructions but the army continued to work in a trial and error as if the Palestinians are not real people Live bullets kill and injure them - which has actually happened; human beings have destroyed their lives and the lives of their families forever.

According to the report: "Last Monday (July 22, 19) it was found that Israeli officials were aware all along that there is a gap between the statements of officials and the reality," said Karmela Mancha correspondent "Hadshout Kan" that the army now decided to change the firing instructions issued for the sniper " It was found that the correction to the lower body and above the knee, often caused death, although this was not the intention. Instructions for the soldiers from now on are to shoot under the knee as a last resort and later they are told to ankle. "

According to a senior officer in the Israeli army's counterterrorism school, the sniper's target was "not to be killed but to be hit. Therefore, one of the lessons learned concerns the direction of the correction ... At first we told them to aim at the legs and when we found that this could cause death, They went under the knee and later we fixed the instructions more and said we were aiming at the ankle. "

B'Tselem said that the decision to change the fire regulations at this late hour and after its implementation for more than a year and caused the deaths of at least 206 Palestinians, including 37 minors and thousands injured, does not mean that the army attaches great value to human life. Indicates that the army chose with its full consciousness not to consider those who stand in front of him on the other side human beings. The High Court of Justice has artificially ratified this statement and ratified it. These and those responsible for this criminal policy.

In March 2018, thousands of residents of the Gaza Strip began to demonstrate near the strip separating the Gaza Strip and Israel, demanding the lifting of the siege on the Gaza Strip and the right of return of refugees. From the beginning, and even since the first demonstration was announced, Israel has known the demonstrations as an existential threat to the state and considered the participants to be dangerous. From this point of view, since the first demonstration, the occupation army has implemented a policy of lethal, unlawful and unethical fire, waving a black flag, where it has permitted the firing of live bullets at demonstrators who are present on the other side of the isolation strip. They are not a threat to anyone. Far from the demonstrators. B'Tselem appealed to the soldiers to refuse to obey these instructions and to refrain from shooting at isolated demonstrators, but the killing continues.

"A petition to the High Court of Justice against these instructions was filed and the state responded in defense of itself, saying that there was" no doubt about the legality of the instructions "and that they were approved by the military prosecutor and the attorney general. To face violent riots that could pose a serious and imminent threat to IDF forces or Israeli citizens "and that" the Rules allow for the exact correction of two main rioters or instigators in order to prevent the threat of violent riots. "The State also added that" And the time on a regular basis through the process of extracting operations in the field and Tdhuatha "and noted the issuance of" various clarifications and illuminations aimed at further reducing the number of people as much as possible, "also noted that the deaths had been"

According to OCHA (OCHA), more than 7,800 Palestinians have been shot dead. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 139 injured persons, including 30 minors who had to be amputated, including 121 amputations; and 24 injured by spinal cord injuries.

The report concluded that these results were closely followed by B'Tselem, other human rights organizations and various media outlets. However, all official Israeli authorities refused to change the fire regulations, insisting that the firing instructions were legal and proportionate, and that firing live bullets was only a last resort and in the absence of any other option.


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