Electricity and water parts for the protesters at UNRWA headquarters in Gaza

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"The agency's administration has cut off the electricity and water of the protesters within its headquarters in the Gaza Strip," said the staff union in Gaza on Saturday, saying that it "strikes the wall with all the human rights that have long been sung and has established curricula and courses."

In a press release, the Federation noted that dozens of people on Saturday morning embarked on an open-ended hunger strike; "to get their message to everyone, holding on to their right to work and life," they charged the agency's administration and the Office of the Commissioner-General with full responsibility for their lives.

"Maher al-Malakh was transferred from the mental health program last night to the hospital in a coma, where he was on a hunger strike four days ago," the statement said.

"It will be in contact with the International Committee of the Red Cross and human rights institutions and send a message of the names of colleagues who have been engaged in the open hunger strike to follow up on the case and report it," the union said.

"We have pledged not to retreat from these events, demanding that the unjust decision be abolished until the end, and with your steadfastness we will achieve victory," said the statement.


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