After 27 years.. Revelations about Michael Jackson´s secret and "The Simpsons "

London _ Agencies

After about 27 years of speculation about the sound owner who heard one of the episodes of the famous cartoon series  "The Simpson family" (The Simpsons), and like the character of the late song star Michael Jackson, revealed the creator of the series, Matt Greenying, the fact of the matter, explaining the reason behind keeping it "secret."

In a meeting with the "The Weekly" program, he spoke of the episode "Stark Raving Da", which was aired in 1991, and appeared in a character representing Jackson, and the sound was very similar to that of the late singer until some expected to be his voice personally, but has never been confirmed or denied this information so far.

"I got a call from someone who said it was Michael Jackson, I thought it was a joke and I was going to finish the call, but he confirmed that he was Jackson, and he told me he liked the program and wanted to participate in one of the episodes," said Greenning.

"Jackson has already recorded the personal voice, but he did not want to advertise it because of a deal he had with a particular company," he said.

The figure had to play a song during the episode, so they brought someone with a voice close to Jackson's voice to imitate him, he said.

"The man had to sing like Jackson, and Jackson stood by himself to watch the subject. The guy was under a lot of pressure. Michael stood up and listened to the song and took a laughing in a low voice  "

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