New Israeli attacks against the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron

Hebron _ Agencies

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf, the Israeli occupation, on Sunday, "poured cement " in the outer yards of the Ibrahimi Mosque next to the barrier to the "gate " from the direction of the Ibrahimi Tekke and work to find a new gate.

The Waqf said in a statement today that the new measures will increase the suffering of Palestinians who suffer for their stay of prayers in the mosque in the five endowments.

"The occupation is aimed at protecting the Jewish settlers in their violations that took place today at dawn, the muezzin of the Ibrahimi Mosque, Sheikh Adly al-Bakri, who was assaulted by a settler after he finished the Fajr Azan and left the Azan room and returned to the Al-Ashayiah area."

She drew attention to the fact that the settlers placed an iron "pergola" and covered it with an inch in the outer squares for the establishment of prayer prayers inside.

It denounced the violations of the occupation and its practices in and around Brahimi, warning that the increase in the frequency and quality of these violations is in the intention of the occupation to fully control the mosque and treat it as a synagogue.

The Palestinian Waqf, the occupying government, blamed the settler attacks, stressing that Tel Aviv was giving political and security cover to serious attacks on Brahimi as an Islamic place of worship and exclusive endowment for Muslims.

She pointed out that the occupation was trying to change the monuments of the Ibrahimi Mosque and to affect the feelings of the Muslims, stressing that there was a violation of international laws and divine law.


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