Palestinian Rachida Taleb threatened with death and influential moments from within the US Congress

The Palestinian US Congress woman cried, Rashid Tlaib, in a House hearing, spoke with FBI security officials after reading a threatening death message.
 She read the letter during a session of the subcommittee on civil rights and civil liberties entitled "Facing White supremacists: the federal response".
 The letter, received from an unknown person, praised the terrorist attack against the Al-Nour mosque in New Zealand, and the sender wished to be in the United States.
 "The attack on the mosque is a wonderful beginning. We hope and pray that the attack will continue in the United States. The only good Muslim is the dead Muslim," the letter said.
 "I am a mother, and I want to go home to my children and why am I threatened with death for my faith?" Said Taleb. "The security official asks people to launch such threats and classify them as domestic terrorism.

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