Doctors find 15 eggs in the back of a Dutch man.

Amsterdam _ Agencies

A number of doctors were surprised and shocked, after they were able to find 15 boiled eggs in the back of a Dutch man following an abnormal sex party, while the 29-year-old was a drug called "GHP ", before he began his dangerous sexual game with his partner in the Netherlands.

The site of Masrawy today quoted the British newspaper "The Sun", that the eggs caused a severe rupture of the intestinal wall inside his body, which led to the doctors conducting an emergency surgery.

The Dutch patient admitted to the doctors that he and his friend boiled the eggs before peeling it carefully and put him in the buttocks, while he did not feel pain until later in the evening, when the effect of the drug began to wear off.

A Dutch doctor said, "The patient arrived at the hospital suffering from high heart rate and rapid breathing, and initial tests showed the stiffness of the entire stomach."

The doctors predicted that the patient had abdominal sepsis, but they were shocked when the CT scan revealed the extent of his terrible injuries, and the boiled eggs caused a colon to explode and accumulated large amounts of air and fluids in the abdominal cavity, prompting doctors to open his abdomen in an emergency surgery.

It was successful, in addition to the ability of doctors to remove eggs and clean the abdomen, while the patient was placed under observation in intensive care for a short period, where he will leave the hospital a few days later.



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