National ": the decision of the German Parliament on the BDS bias of the occupation and settlement

The Palestinian National Council (PNC) has approved a draft bill condemning the international boycott of BDS, calling it anti-Semitic, encouraging and blindly supporting the occupation, settlement and racial discrimination practiced by Israel against the Palestinian people. Of more than 71 years.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the National Assembly stressed that democratic parliaments must be in line with international law and resolutions of international jurisdiction, as well as justice and justice. It should help the oppressed peoples under occupation, not the occupation, but its moral obligation to fight it. , Not to defend his crimes, injustice and persecution of the rights of these peoples to freedom and live in dignity and security.

He expressed his deep regret that the German legislators succumbed to the pressures, lies and allegations that are not shown on the grounds promoted by the supporters of the Israeli occupation in Germany against the BDS movement, which peacefully calls for an end to the Israeli occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. International.

He called on the German government to recognize the state of Palestine and to press for an end to the Israeli occupation, instead of criminalizing the free people in the world. Who believe in the values ​​of freedom and justice and reject injustice and occupation.

The Parliament also called on the international parliamentary associations, especially the European Parliament, the Arab and Islamic Parliamentary Union and the free world parliaments, to pressure the German Parliament to repeal its unjustified law on the international Boycott movement, which supports the rights of our Palestinian people to resist occupation and to live in freedom and dignity. the world.

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