The "March of Return" protests were canceled on the second Friday of Ramadan

The Supreme Authority for Palestinian Returns said it had alerted protests on Friday for the second week in a row to "ease" the citizens in the holy month of Ramadan.

"Today there are no activities in the five return camps (sites near the border fence with Israel) to relate the citizens because of the high temperatures on the second Friday of Ramadan," the body oversees the protests said in a statement.

This is the second time that the organization has qualified the protests of the return marchs since its launch on 30 March 2018.

The Nakba anniversary protests this year come two weeks after the outbreak of the most serious military confrontation between Hamas and Israel since the war of 2014, which killed 25 Palestinians, including nine fighters. Four Israelis were also killed during the two-day confrontation before a ceasefire brokered by Egypt.

"The large rallies took place last Wednesday on the seventy-first anniversary of the Nakba in the return camps."

According to statistics compiled by Agence France-Presse that at least 293 Palestinians have been shot by Israeli fire in Gaza since the start of the protests in March 2018, most of them during the weekly protests, often violent. Six Israelis were killed during the same period.

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