"NSO" Israeli spy company operating in secret

 The Israeli Financial Times (NSA) named the Israeli spy company NSO in the case of the Watsab application flaw and was the name of the Israeli company, which says it prides itself on "its strict ethical standards" "Has been reported in previous espionage scandals .

NOSO was founded in 2010 by Israelis Shalev Houliu and Omri Lavi, and was taken from a hi-tech center in the coastal city of Herzliya near Tel Aviv.

The company produced an electronic spy program Pegasus, which has the ability to operate the camera cell phone and microphone, and access to the data on it and effectively turn the phone into a "spy" carrying in the pocket.

In an interview with Israeli newspaper Maariv in January, Shalev Houliu was asked about reports that the spy program Pegasus was used to monitor Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi before his death at his consulate in Istanbul.

"As a human being and an Israeli, I think that what happened to Khashoggi was a terrible killing," said the CEO of NSO.

"I can tell you that Khashoggi was not targeted by any NSO product or technology, including eavesdropping, surveillance, site tracking and intelligence gathering," he said.

In Mexico, where investigative journalist Javier Valdes was shot dead in the street in broad daylight in 2017, leading journalists and activists said the government of former President Enrique Benia Nieto had targeted him using the Pegasus spy program.

The New York Times reported at the time that at least three Mexican federal agencies had bought NSA spy programs worth about $ 80 million since 2011.

Experts have said international experts investigating the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico in 2014 were targeted using spyware after being sold to the government.

In 2016, Apple rushed to update for security reasons after researchers said that the UAE authorities targeted prominent UAE activist Ahmed Mansour using the spy program Pegasus.

According to independent experts, it is likely that this program has been used in a number of countries with poor human rights records.

According to the NSO website, it has a "pioneering approach to applying strict ethical standards in everything it does."

The company also says it is conducting a sales check that includes licensing by Israeli export control authorities and an internal review by the Business Ethics Committee.

Britain's rights group Amnesty International said in a statement that its members and supporters in Israel would petition the Tel Aviv District Court on Wednesday against the government's continued approval to export NOS programs.

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