Human rights data: The occupation has arrested about 900 Palestinians during the past two months, including 133 children

According to the Palestinian human rights data, the number of cases of arrests by the Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian citizens during the months of March and April last reached 905 cases in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.


According to a joint report released Sunday, the Israeli authorities continued to arrest 250 children, minors and 45 women prisoners.


The Palestinian Prisoners Club (official, the Palestinian Prisoners Club, semi-governmental organization, Al-Dameer Association for Prisoners' Welfare and Human Rights) noted that the number of prisoners in Israeli prisons reached 5,700.


The statement added that the suppression forces of the administration of the Israeli occupation forces continued their attacks on the prisoners and escalated in March following an incursion carried out by these forces in the desert detention center (Negev Desert), which used sound bombs, gas and bullets, wounding 120 detainees.


The statement pointed to the heavy fines imposed by the Israeli occupation court in Ofer (Ofer) on children and minors in the past two months.


The report reviewed the detention of children in the past two months, noting that "34 children were brought into the prisoners' section in Ofer Prison in March last year, 20 minors who were arrested by Israel from homes and 12 roads and one was arrested at a military checkpoint and one after being summoned. "


"Thirty-nine minor prisoners were brought to the prisoners' section in Ofer prison in April, 20 of them were arrested from houses, 17 from the roads and two after they were called," the report adds.


On the other hand, the "Prisoner Club" said in a separate statement today that "three Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons began an open hunger strike in protest against their administrative detention, including two strikers for 41 days and the third began a strike 18 days "


The organization warned of the deterioration of the health conditions of the prisoners, the return of the wars and Hassan al-Awawi and deterioration in the case of the Israeli prison administration continued the policy of exhaustion and frequent transfer between the detention centers, and disregard for their serious health and procrastination in response to their demands to stop administrative detention against them.

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