Scientists invent a substance that improves the accuracy of nano-sensors in optics.

Moscow _ Agencies

A Russian-Italian team of international scientists has unveiled its design as a new model for the super-material, which allows it to improve the accuracy of nano-sensor work in optics and medicine, and to protect it from external radiation.

According to the magazine Scientific reports, which published the results of the Scholars ' study, this work is being carried out within the framework of the ANASTASIA-Russian-Italian joint project Anastaasia (Advanced non-radiatingarchitectures scattering tenuously And Sustaining Invisible anapoles), which aims to devise material Supernatural allows sites and objects to be completely invisible to all waves, according to the channel of Russia Today.

The international scientific team is composed of scientists from the National University of Technological Research (MISIS) in Moscow and Polytechnic University in Turin, Italy.

"The concealment of a large body is easier than hiding a small body," said Anar Osspanova, a graduate student at Misis and working in a laboratory  "ultra-high-delivery materials."

She stated that there were different techniques of camouflage technology and stealth technology,  "But when we work with nanopsize objects, such as sensors in medicine or physics, the work is complicated, noting that nano-sensors are usually proportional to the body that is the subject of the research, so the conditions of the surrounding environment affect them very, in order to improve the accuracy of their work we have decided (hide) the nano-sensors for the effect of the radiation  ".


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