Updated Occupation arrests 20 citizens in the West

Israeli occupation forces arrested 20 Palestinians from different parts of the West Bank early Monday, the Israeli army said.

Local sources said that among the detainees were former prisoner Zaher Daqqa from Atil near Tulkarem, Yusuf Sufian Abu Laila from Zawiya west of Salfit, Usama Ayman Abed and Ihsan Ayman Abed from Kafr Dan village near Jenin.

The occupation also arrested six citizens from the city of Nablus, Majdi Hashash, Yousef Amjad al-Ashqar from Askar refugee camp and four citizens from the village of Awref. They are: Abdullah Shehadeh, Saif al-Din Safadi, Mohammad Safadi and Yousef Ali Shehadeh.

Among those arrested last night were Mohammed al-Sabar from Ramallah and five citizens from Bethlehem governorate, including former prisoner Rabi 'Alaa Tqaqqa, Ahmad Salah Tqaqqa,' Issam Muhammad Hassan Tqaqqa, Karim Samih Tatarqa, four from Beit Fajar in the south and Muthanna Abdul Qaisi. His house was raided in the village of Battir in the west.

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