Israel releases two Syrian prisoners in a deal to return the remains of one of its soldiers

The Israeli media reported on Sunday that Israel released two Syrian prisoners held in Israeli prisons during the last hour.

According to Radio Recht Kan, Israel released the two Syrian prisoners held in prisons in the last few hours as part of a deal to return the remains of Israeli soldier Zakaria Baumel, who was transferred to Syria via the Quneitra crossing.


The two Israeli soldiers were:  Fatah  activist  Khamis Ahmed, 35, born  in Yarmouk  refugee camp in Syria, and Zidane Taweel, 57, a resident of al-Khader.

The Hebrew channel added that the prisoner Ahmed was arrested 14 years ago when he tried to sneak into an IDF base and target soldiers, while the prison was long, arrested for drug trafficking.

The release of the two prisoners came as part of a deal against the extradition of Israeli soldier Zakaria Baumil, who was buried in Syria for 37 years.

The body of Zakaria Baumil, born in the United States 37 years after his loss at the Battle of Sultan Yacoub in the Lebanese Bekaa Valley on June 10 and 11, 1982, was taken to Israel and was taken to Syria.

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