A Chinese company unveils its new phone ´ Boko AF 1´ at its tempting price.

Beijing _ Agencies

The Chinese company "Xiaomi" unveiled its new smartphone with high and cheap features, under a new brand in preparation for deployment within the world markets.

The Chinese company "Xiaomi", its new phone, Boko F1 (Poco), provided the latest version of the "Snap Dragon", an advanced processor of Qualcomm America's production, plus a battery of 4, 000 MS, and an 8 GB RAM.

Quoting the Chinese manufacturer, the BBC reported that it is the same specification as the Galaxy No. 9, but that the "Boko-1" phone will be much cheaper, compared to other competition agencies within the world market.

"There is the best Qualcomm processor you can get now, while the device costs about half the price of other competitors," said Mike Louie, editor of the Chinese website, who tested the device.

Louie added: "It's very powerful with a huge battery, and the target consumers of the company won't worry too much about the size of the big phone."

The Ku-1 phone will be sold in 6 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, as opposed to 20,000 and 999 rupees (approximately $300 only, with a sophisticated version with a background of synthetic fibres, random memory, more than 29 thousand and 999 rupees for storage capacity).

There is no competitor to this new phone, but another Chinese phone from Huawei's China company, Honur Bly, with a price of between 19 thousand and 999 rupees, 23,000 rupees and Rs 999, but its specifications are much lower, and the Chinese company asserts that its phone was thrown into Indian markets on August 29, August, to spread  Then in 50 other countries around the world.


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