Foreign Affairs: Settler Crimes and American Care of Occupation Boosts Settlement Expansion

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said, "The repeated attacks by settlers against Palestinian citizens, their land, property, holy places and homes confirm that this systematic and violent lawlessness is carried out with the support and patronage of the political and military establishment of the occupying force and under the umbrella of bias and support Full American of the expansionist right-wing schemes. "

In a statement issued on Sunday, the ministry renewed its warning that settlers would not commit the most heinous crimes against our people and their holy places, which requires constant vigilance and caution, and calls for a serious and compelling international stage on the Israeli government to curb the bullying and the rape of the settlers.

She noted that day after day, settler attacks are expanding in scattered areas of the West Bank, and it is alarming that the large explosion planned and drawn by the ruling right in Israel is approaching to create favorable climates for the passage of colonial designs aimed at annexing large areas of the occupied West Bank and the displacement of Palestinian citizens, in particular the areas classified (c).

In this context, the Ministry addressed the attack on citizens, their property and their homes in the town of "Aourif", south of Nablus, and the destruction of a number of properties by the settlers "Yitzhar", by protecting the occupying forces, who rushed to the scene and started firing poisonous gas and live bullets at the citizens, they have provided for the safe withdrawal of these extremists.

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