The mysterious death of a British hotel bath .. And her friend invented a Western reason

 Swiss authorities have found a dead British woman in a hotel bathroom and police are investigating the incident, the Times reported Friday.

The friend, 22-year-old Anna Florence Reid, said she had "accidently died while having sex with her," but this was refuted by his neighbors, who said they had heard their screams all night.

The friend of the girl, a 29-year-old German, has been dismissed by the Swiss authorities for questioning, as he is suspected of being the culprit, especially after wounds and fractures were found on the body of his girlfriend.

According to local reports, prosecutors opened an investigation into the murder last Tuesday, just one day after the men and the girl entered the hotel at the foot of the Alps.

"There was a lot of disagreement between the couple on the night before the woman was found dead," one of the hotel staff said, "other guests complained of their high voice and one of the staff went to try to calm the situation."

The girl's friend arrived at the hotel reception at 6:30 am, in a tense state, to tell the staff that his girlfriend was suffering from health problems. The hotel staff summoned the paramedics, who announced her death at the scene.

According to local press, the couple had a "strong" relationship. Reid lived in Berlin and spent some time in Vietnam, according to her social networking pages.

In the weeks leading up to her death, several photos on Facebook were published on her travels.

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