An attack on two children in al-Maskoubiya detention center

In a report issued today, the Palestinian Authority for Prisoners' Affairs (PCHR) documented two testimonies of two minors who were held in Al-Maskoubiya detention center, describing the details of the brutal attack on them and the abuse that they suffered during their arrest and interrogation.

According to their testimony, Muhammad Abu Sneineh (15 years old) and Qais al-Bassiti (17 years old), both from occupied Jerusalem, were violently beaten by the Israeli police forces after they attacked them inside the courtyards of al-Aqsa Mosque and thread them into the ground. Guns, sponges with many bruises and bruises.

During interrogations at the interrogation center, the two prisoners were not released from contemrupt statements, insulting and insulting the worst of the spasms to force them to confess to the charges against them. He interrogated them several times and then transferred them to the cells of the detainee.

The Commission pointed out in its report that what is happening in the Holy City of the arrest campaigns of tens of young men and children and religious and legal figures, and the prevention of freedom of worship, and encroachment on sanctions and desecration, is only part of the vicious attack programmed to make the campus of the holy site of electoral propaganda and political gains.

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